Lara C. Kay

New York Class

Something about New York is always so close to my heart! Has such a pleasant time getting to educate these amazing students! I absolutely love teaching my East Coast students. The girls were so driven and motivated, ready to learn. Thank you for welcoming me the way you guys did! Loved meeting each and everyone of you!

Upcoming New York class will be in September✂️

Educational Classes

Let me introduce you all to my classes.

Hairstyling 101

This is a hands on, one day intensive hairstyling class. Regardless of the level of experience, this class is open to everyone. In class kit is included. Most of the students who take this class are makeup artists wanting to expand their hair styling career. Hairstylists, and cosmetology students wanting to learn more. You will learn the do’s, dont’s, tips and tricks. Questions will be answered throughout the entire class. The feedback is outrageously amazing. All my students continuously thank me for their improvement and how it has expanded their career financially. A certificate of completion will be provided. *not a cosmetology license*

Bridal 101

A two day bridal intensive workshop designed for experienced stylists looking to expand their up do skills. An in class kit is included. Going over different era’s. Classic, Modern, Couture, and Glamour. This course will allow students to work under my 100% guidance. Learning not just the basic technique, but what I personally use on each one of my brides. This is the most detailed course any stylist can take. You will learn the do’s, dont’s, tips and tricks. Questions will be answered throughout the entire class. The feedback is outrageously amazing. All my students continuously thank me for their improvement and how it has expanded their career financially. Class will be taught in One entire day if on tour. Certificate of completion will be provided *not a cosmetology license*

Demo Class

A look and learn class! This is perfect for visual learners.This is NOT hands on. It is a demonstrating, visual class. Perfect for Hair and makeup artists. Watch me demonstrate my passion and art on a real live model. Answering questions, while demonstrating. I will be sharing my creativity. Each look presented will be done in techniques and styling methods that are easily recreated by my students.

3 week Professional Course

Suitable for both hairstylists and makeup artists wanting to expand their business. A hairstyling course like no other! Kit is included.  Learn in detail, step by step hairstyling do’s dont’s secrets and tricks. Learn all that I know and have learned throughout the years in a short period of time. The course will allow students to practice under my 100% guidance. Teaching you trendy, classic, and timeless looks. Providing you with the most comprehensive education possible. We will help build your portfolio. Certificate of Completion will be given. * this is NOT a cosmetology license*

Tour Dates and classes below


**May 12, 2014**

  • *Hairstyling 101
  • *Demo


**June 29,2014**

  • *Hairstyling 101
  • *Demo

Las Vegas, NV

**July 8,2014**

  • *Hairstyling 101
  • *Demo 

   California (Studio Kay)

  • Hairstyling 101 April 28, 2014 at Studio Kay
  • Bridal 101 in my personal salon, Studio Kay Glendale, CA June 9,10,2014

New York:

**September 8, 2014**

  • BRIDAL 101
  • Hairstyling 101
  • Demo

My Dream

  • I have completely been MIA for quiet some time. Wondering why I haven’t been up to date with my site? I have final put 9years of hard work and dedication into opening up my very own full service salon called Studio Kay! With the help of my family and amazing coworkers, we have been working extremely hard day and night to turn my dreams into reality! I am completely blessed with the most talented and amazing staff! The salon is a gorgeous. It is 3000 sq ft. Amazing for educational classes! Very spacious, welcoming, super fun and most of all, full of such great talent! This is a place where you can relax, hang out, get your needs done and get dolled up! Starting from nothing, being scared and unsure, I believe my staff has made feel so blessed and happy! I am SO very thankful for your love and support and allowing me to share my dreams with you all!

    Follow us at Studio_kay to view my talented staffs work!
    Here are some pictures of the place… trim.AFE5A512-0E53-4E55-BF44-FEF291BD7616

Hair Growth

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Inside Weddings Magazine

I had the blessing to be apart of Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza’s beautiful wedding December 1,2012

Get your copy of Inside Weddings Magazine to view all their breathtaking details.

Here is a sneak peak.




I am so blessed to be able to educate, motivate and inspire upcoming and current hairstylists. I hope my class can help you expand your imagination in the hairstyling world. I had such a blast meeting each and everyone of you! I am so excited for my upcoming classes! Thank you all for the amazing feedback.

                            My class will be held in different cities, and states. 

for more information please contact




Lara C. Kay


As a hairstylist, I believe it is extremely IMPORTANT to continue your education and SHARE your techniques. Thankfully, so many stylists keep asking me how and what techniques, and products I use.. I am proud to say I am going to have a one day HANDS on Seminar in Glendale, CA. This class will be held on May 13,2013. It is limited to 10 people to allow for one on one interaction. More seminar dates will be announced in the near future.

 In this class, I will share my secrets,tips,techniques,and hairstyles with you. I will hands on show you how to do these hairstyles adding your own creative touch. Every student will receive a Lara C. Kay goody bag along with a Lara C. Kay exclusive class booklet! I am so excited to share everything with you guys.

Hope to see you guys there



Ceremony Magazine

My gorgeous bride, Isabel, emailed me a picture of her wedding, and guess what? It was featured in a Bridal Magazine called CEREMONY.

Here is the cover of the magazine. To view Isabel and Arman’s wedding, check out page 278. If you’d like to know the vendors she used… they are listed below!